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Systematic Lubrication Solutions is the proud Australasian distributor for the MEMOLUB® lubrication systems. We are a team of dedicated professionals with over 40+ years of combined experience in the field of lubrication, across various industries.

We operate out of two branches, one in NSW and the other in WA. We import the product direct from the manufacturer and perform the final assembly in our workshops, where customer orders are filled.

We also supply a wide range of lubricants to support our customers from a wide range of lubricant manufacturers.

Memolub Install
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Our Vision.


Our Vision is to offer a range of class leading single & multi-point lubrication systems, recognised as the benchmark for electro-mechanical lubricators.

Lubricators that have exceptional features and a high quality of manufacturing. Lubricators that are adaptable to any industry or application required.

Memolub Install
Memolub Install
Company Profile.

Systematic Lubrication Solutions and Memolub understands the requirements to develop and maintain sound lubrication processes and systems.

SLS has a combined experience of 40+ years in the field of lubrication, and understand that each individual business needs specific solutions to specific needs. We achieve this by understanding your needs and working with you to develop the best solution to equipment and budget.

How can SLS assist your business/plant?

Consulting and Audits

SLS offers an effective consulting service to assist you with:

  • Lubrication management systems.

  • Lubrication standards.

  • Development and implementation of lubrication processes and systems.

  • Cost saving initiatives.

  • Providing action plans to implement audit recommendations

  • Achieve Best Practice benchmarks


SLS assist by providing training packages tailored to your needs. Some of these packages include:

  • How lubricants work and their function.

  • Fault finding lubrication systems.

  • Principles of reducing contamination.

  • Storing and transferring lubricants.

  • And more.

Lubrication Systems

Effective lubrication is crucial to any piece of equipment. SLS can customise and design a system to meet your specific needs.

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